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Proud professional since 1893

Since 1893, the Persson Brothers’ funeral home has been an important part of the city of Landskrona and since 1980 also in Svalöv. In October 2022, the Persson brothers’ funeral home and law office in Helsingborg opened. We are proud to offer full service in funerals and family law and are grateful for the trust you place in us.

We are also a member of the Swedish Authorized Funeral Homes Association (SBF). Through the membership, there is an authorization that guarantees that the funeral home lives up to the requirements set by the industry association.

We meet you where you are in life and put great emphasis on both practical and ethical practice. Feel free to contact us on 0418-44 65 50 (on call around the clock).

E-mail: info@perssonsbegr.se

The Life Archive

Have you ever thought about your funeral? As funeral counselors, we know that life is more important than death. Only you know what has made your life special. We wish nothing more than for many more people to tell their loved ones what they want their last farewell to look like, so that we at the Persson brothers can do everything in our power to make sure you get what you want.

A warm welcome to https://www.livsarkivet.se/pages/lv/other_languages
Please fill in your personal wishes regarding your last farewell, or come to us and pick up your own Life Archive free of charge.

Then continue to live life long and well, that is our highest desire.


Eriksgatan 124,
261 40 Landskrona
Tel: 0418-44 65 50


Hälsovägen 40,
254 42 Helsingborg
Tel: 042-34 62 99


Svalegatan 1 B
268 31 Svalöv
Tel: 0418-66 51 80